What’s it like to work at Somerset-based firm, Atlantic Solutions? This blog post’s got you covered!

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Applying for a job with a company that you may or may not have heard of is kind of like going on a blind date. What are the people like? What’s the overall attitude in the company? What will my boss be like? Just a few of the questions that might run through someone’s head going into a new job. So we spoke to a current employee, Milady, of Atlantic Solutions, who has worked with the company for less than a year, to shine some light on the company culture.

Milady’s feedback… enjoy…


The Manager of Atlantic Solutions treats every employee respectfully. No one is looked down upon or treated with favoritism. He has a hands-on management style in the sense that he provides direct coaching with the team daily. It is not uncommon for him to sit down with an employee on an individual basis to assist with their day-to-day tasks. Our favorite tidbit about him: he is sure to make you giggle with his corny jokes.

The Team

Coming to work, having fun, and helping each other reach common goals was the overall tone of this topic. Going into Atlantic Solutions every morning and collaborating with energetic, motivated colleagues makes work fun! There is a common denominator with everyone on the team – they are striving to improve themselves and others each day.

Company Events

Employees are encouraged to participate in events and activities that take place outside of the office to develop a team bond and simply just relax and have fun. One way this is accomplished is by company sponsored philanthropy events. It seems to be among the favorite events that are held because the team is able to have fun, build relationships with each other AND give back to a number of amazing charities. Other activities that topped the list were things such as bowling nights and sand volleyball (it is a fairly competitive bunch of people after all).

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2 thoughts on “An insider’s view on what it’s like to work at Atlantic Solutions

  1. I applied for a job at Atlantic solutions and on the day of my interview I met aa guy in the building whom I told that I was going at Atlantic solutions offices . He simply said “Just follow me” and when I reached , the lady at the reception stood up, told me her name and shook my hand. Every body who found me seated said hello. You just feel you want to work with such guys although you don’t know much about the company. Keep it up guys.


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