Atlantic Solutions is creating some buzz around Somerset, New Jersey with their extreme growth this year! Besides the revenue that they are bringing in for their clients, they have also promoted two Assistant Managers in less than six months! Most recently, Jalil Cruz joined the Management team after being a valuable employee just shy of 3 years. If you understand Jalil – if you know his story and what motivates him, you’ll see why everyone is so excited about this promotion!

Celebrating Jalil’s promotion!

“The reason I am a top performer is because I know what it feels like to grow up poor. I want to be the person in my family that can truly make a huge difference in our lifestyle. My goal is to buy my mother a house and be able to give back to those that helped me become the person I am today.” If that’s not motivation to build a successful career, we don’t know what is!

Jalil also shared with us that he believes being selfless has also played a big role in his success. “I don’t think about the money that I can make with the sales, but the amount of people I can actually help just by offering our client’s products and services. What motivates me the most is helping people.”

All promotions at Atlantic Solutions are awarded based on performance, but what Jalil believes he does better than most other trainers in the company might surprise you… “One thing that I do better than most people is giving my 100% effort to any new person that starts with our company. I do not prejudge someone based on how they look, the way they speak or based on where they come from. My goal is to train and develop someone into a great leader and an even greater person no matter their circumstances. I want that person to be as good as me or even better.” That selfless theme is coming back around, don’t you think?

Jalil is truly a gratlantic-solutions-jalil-cruzeat addition to the Management team at Atlantic Solutions and provides a worthy example to other employees. Here is his advice to others working towards success within the company: “Fast is slow and slow is fast; there is no race to getting promoted. It is a journey that involves so many obstacles to overcome and lessons to be learned. If you are not promoted yet don’t worry, you are exactly where you need to be. Find out exactly what you need to work on and how you can make it to the next level. Enjoy the process because the best coach is the coach that has already experienced all of the obstacles. Most people put a timeline on when they are going to get promoted and usually give up if they don’t reach their deadline. My advice to them is not to quit, don’t give up! As long as you have a goal nothing can stop you.”

And we truly believe that nothing will stop Jalil Cruz in pursuit of his goals. Keep up with him and the rest of the Atlantic Solutions team by following them on LinkedIn.


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