Atlantic Solutions, located in Somerset, New Jersey, has been staying true to their commitment to delivering results for clients and other people are taking notice! Recently, our President was chosen, amongst other entrepreneurs, to attend a VIP style getaway to San Francisco, California. Since the entire team could not attend, he promised to share all the details of his experience; from the business takeaways down to the amusing details.

atlantic-solutions-sanfran7The excitement of DK’s trip started with his travel arrangements for the cross-country adventure. He flew on his favorite airline, Virgin Airline. If you’ve never flown on it before, it’s extremely hip. It’s lit with these really cool purple lights throughout and free live TV is even available to all passengers! DK spent most of his flight brushing up on one of his favorite business books, How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Once he landed, the Atlantic Solutions President made his way to Santa Rosa where he and a few other select entrepreneurs would be staying… in a 10 bedroom mansion. No big deal. It was on the top of a hill overlooking the mountainside right in the middle of wine country. In addition to an amazing view and prime location, they also had a huge pool and an impressive sauna and Jacuzzi. The first night there (Thursday), a local vineyard owner came to the mansion to provide a private wine tasting…because when in Rome. In addition to providing some amazing wine, he also casually reminded everyone of the man-eating predators in the area…mountain lions. Thanks…we think…

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On Friday, these high performing entrepreneurs had a chance to brainstorm and discuss business with an elite business mentor. He also gave them tons of coaching in all aspects of business management that would help them take their companies to the next level. Following their brainstorming and discussions, the group grilled out at the mansion at enjoyed the wine that they had purchased from their wine tasting.

“I always wanted to be an entrepreneur because of the freedom and the ability to make choices — like to leave your company and go wine tasting on the opposite coast with some fellow hardworking entrepreneurs.” -DK

No trip to wine country would be complete without a vineyaatlantic-solutions-sanfran1rd tour and wine sampling so that is exactly what happened during the day on Saturday. That night the group adventured to downtown San Francisco to a local hot spot called Catch, a very high-end and well-known seafood restaurant in the area. Atlantic Solutions’ President grew up on an island, so he is quite the seafood critic being that it is his all-time favorite type of food. Even he was impressed with dinner!

Overall, DK was reminded of what it is that drives him as an entrepreneur.

“When you can do cool things, that’s fun. But when you can do cool things with people that you love, there’s nothing better than that. It’s invaluable. I want to continue to create memories with the people I’ve built relationships with and see them become successful.”


He also told us that it was great to reflect on the things that he had accomplished so far and what he was ready to achieve next.

Although it was an amazing trip, DK was most excited to get back to us here at Atlantic Solutions to get to work helping the team reach a level of success to be able to experience the type of weekend that he just had.


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