The president of Atlantic Solutions (Somerset, NJ) talks about raising his daughter with entrepreneurial values and a hunger for success.

14369857_10154928709823912_6231980969042742247_nMany fathers are like superheroes to their children, but this father is something even cooler: he’s the boss! Nine-year-old Jade loves the idea that her father is a business owner. When she visits him at the Atlantic Solutions office, she sits right in his chair and pretends to be in charge, just like her daddy.

We asked DK how being an entrepreneur has influenced his parenting, and he shared the following interesting insight: “I always want her to associate success with hard work.” He expressed that it’s important to him that she grow up with the understanding that “nothing is given to you, you have to earn it.”

So, on a regular basis, he teaches her that very lesson. Jade earns good grades in school and was recently chosen as Student of the Month at her school, a shining moment for DK and his wife, Shana. These all-star parents reward Jade by doing the thing she loves most: going shopping at Toys ‘R Us with her parents in tow! Most definitely a boss in the making, this little lady prefers to lead Mom and Dad through the mall where she wants to go, where she’s able to select a toy of her own choosing.

“My job is to push her not to be average and to work harder than anyone else,” DK expressed. But as we say at Atlantic Solutions, when you work hard it earns you the right to play hard! So play hard they do. The father and daughter enjoy playing the Lego Marvel Super Heroes game on the family’s Playstation.

Jade reportedly also loves Minecraft, and she’s in luck because we heard a rumor that Santa might be delivering the game for Christmas! It seems that DK’s proclivity for teaching others has rubbed off on her because we hear that Jade can’t wait to start making YouTube videos teaching other kids how to play the game too. We sense an entrepreneur in the making.

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