Atlantic Solutions Weekend of Fun in the Sun

atlantic-solutions-south-plainfield-nj-1In South Plainfield, New Jersey at Atlantic Solutions, we believe in providing unique opportunities for our employees to develop themselves personally and professionally — all while rewarding key players on the team. One way that we do so is by traveling. It has become a tradition that our President, DK, invites some the top people (based on performance, not tenure) for a trip to Miami every year! Late winter in New Jersey seemed like a perfect time to head to South Beach…and it did not let them down!

“I love hosting events like this,” said DK. “It’s great to be able to reward and motivate my team and show them what success can look like if they work hard and get the job done. Watching my guys enjoy themselves and truly having a good time is the best part.”

This year, Hassan was invited from Atlantic Solutions, and he, DK, Brian, as well as a few others from around the country landed in Miami on a Thursday. That night they met up in Hollywood, FL with colleagues from the area before settling into their hotel. On Friday they were able to spend the day with one of DK’s entrepreneurial mentors Julie, a leader in the industry. It was exciting for them to not only learn from her but also to see how a different marketing campaign operates. That night, DK and crew went out for dinner at P.F. Changs and explored South Beach.

What’s a trip to Miami without spending some time at the beach? So that’s exactly what they did on Saturday! Everyone met up for brunch on South Beach and spent the day playing volleyball. While they were hanging out on the beach they noticed a game of “foot volley” going on right next to them (it’s like soccer but it is played volleyball style using feet and head.) Being a former soccer player, DK noticed a familiar face – a soccer legend – a superstar who played in Italy named Christian Vieri! He was extremely laid back and friendly, they even got to take pictures with him! Fun fact; apparently lots of soccer superstars prefer to retire in the U.S. because they’re not as recognizable by fans here as they are in Europe.

After a long day of sun and fun, they headed back to the hotel and got cleaned up for dinner (at a nice tapas place in South Beach) and one more night out in Miami!

“The entire trip was incredible, but what really sunk in for me was the fact that there was nothing extraordinary about the successful people that I had a chance to meet with and learn from. They simply had a great attitude and worked extremely hard. I feel, now more than ever, that success is truly within my reach and it doesn’t have to take me as long as I initially thought to get there,” explained Hassan.

Check out some of the highlights from Atlantic Solutions Miami trip:


Perfecting Your Conference Game — Tips from the Pros

Atlantic Solutions is no stranger to conferences and industry events. We simply love them and can’t get enough. We love to learn, we love to connect with other professionals, and we love to hang out with the many friends and colleagues we’ve made across the country.

We just got back from Texas from an amazing meeting and we’ve decided to share some of our latest and greatest tips for making the most out of your next business trip. Enjoy!…

Tip #1: Set a goal or two before the event begins. The keyword here is BEFORE! From the moment you hop off the plane and head to your hotel, you’re likely to be busy busy busy. And before you know it, you’re surrounded by people, grappling with your itinerary, and making sure your suit is pressed. So here’s a great airplane activity for you: take some time to write down what you’d like to get out of the conference. Here are some questions to get you going…

Are you on a mission to learn more about a certain subject?
Are you trying to find a new mentor?
Is there anyone in particular that you want to make sure you speak with?
Is there something that you’ve been struggling with that you might be able to ask for advice on?
Do you want to deepen relationships with any specific colleagues you’ll be seeing?

Tip #2: The second tip we’d like to share is about having courage. Not everyone is comfortable with approaching a stranger just to say hello and make an introduction. But we’re here to tell you that you can do it!!

One of the most valuable parts of attending an industry event is the opportunity to network with others. But, you’d be amazed by how many people chicken out from doing so! Make the decision ahead of time that you’re going to have the guts to approach someone you don’t know. Maybe it’s just the person sitting next to you or behind you. Maybe it’s the millionaire taking a quick coffee break before his next speech. You never know what will come from making a new connection, so be courageous and go for it!

Hopefully, these two tips will help prepare your mindset for the next event you attend. Stay tuned to hear more about the Atlantic Solutions management team’s Austin trip!

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A Wine Country Weekend for Atlantic Solutions President

Atlantic Solutions, located in South Plainfield, New Jersey, has been staying true to their commitment to delivering results for clients and other people are taking notice! Recently, our President was chosen, amongst other entrepreneurs, to attend a VIP style getaway to San Francisco, California. Since the entire team could not attend, he promised to share all the details of his experience; from the business takeaways down to the amusing details.

atlantic-solutions-sanfran7The excitement of DK’s trip started with his travel arrangements for the cross-country adventure. He flew on his favorite airline, Virgin Airline. If you’ve never flown on it before, it’s extremely hip. It’s lit with these really cool purple lights throughout and free live TV is even available to all passengers! DK spent most of his flight brushing up on one of his favorite business books, How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Once he landed, the Atlantic Solutions President made his way to Santa Rosa where he and a few other select entrepreneurs would be staying… in a 10 bedroom mansion. No big deal. It was on the top of a hill overlooking the mountainside right in the middle of wine country. In addition to an amazing view and prime location, they also had a huge pool and an impressive sauna and Jacuzzi. The first night there (Thursday), a local vineyard owner came to the mansion to provide a private wine tasting…because when in Rome. In addition to providing some amazing wine, he also casually reminded everyone of the man-eating predators in the area…mountain lions. Thanks…we think…

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On Friday, these high performing entrepreneurs had a chance to brainstorm and discuss business with an elite business mentor. He also gave them tons of coaching in all aspects of business management that would help them take their companies to the next level. Following their brainstorming and discussions, the group grilled out at the mansion at enjoyed the wine that they had purchased from their wine tasting.

“I always wanted to be an entrepreneur because of the freedom and the ability to make choices — like to leave your company and go wine tasting on the opposite coast with some fellow hardworking entrepreneurs.” -DK

No trip to wine country would be complete without a vineyaatlantic-solutions-sanfran1rd tour and wine sampling so that is exactly what happened during the day on Saturday. That night the group adventured to downtown San Francisco to a local hot spot called Catch, a very high-end and well-known seafood restaurant in the area. Atlantic Solutions’ President grew up on an island, so he is quite the seafood critic being that it is his all-time favorite type of food. Even he was impressed with dinner!

Overall, DK was reminded of what it is that drives him as an entrepreneur.

“When you can do cool things, that’s fun. But when you can do cool things with people that you love, there’s nothing better than that. It’s invaluable. I want to continue to create memories with the people I’ve built relationships with and see them become successful.”


He also told us that it was great to reflect on the things that he had accomplished so far and what he was ready to achieve next.

Although it was an amazing trip, DK was most excited to get back to us here at Atlantic Solutions to get to work helping the team reach a level of success to be able to experience the type of weekend that he just had.

Meet Assistant Manager, Tashaun Thomas

Tashaun and Kim, members of Atlantic Solutions management team

The management team at Atlantic Solutions just got a little bit stronger! Tashaun Thomas joined the our executive crew with his promotion to Assistant Manager in April of this year. Like all managers and partners, Tashaun began in the company as an entry level associate and worked his way up due to proven, consistent performance.

Tashaun was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. While continuing to work passionately towards his goals with Atlantic Solutions, he always makes time for his loved ones. In his spare time he is typically with friends, family or his girlfriend. Every Sunday, Tashaun makes it a point to visit with at least one of the above to relax, reminisce and recharge before going after his professional goals the following week. Finding the work/life balance has definitely kept him hungry for success.

When asked what he loved about his role at Atlantic Solutions, Tashaun had this to say,

“I love all of the encounters that I have on a daily basis. I have the opportunity to build relationships with a lot of heavy hitters within the company and all over the country. I have met some pretty amazing people, including customers. From those opportunities alone I’ve learned to communicate better. I’ve learned that everybody has their own story — that no path to success is the same — the only common denominator is that the path wasn’t straight; there were bumps, detours, lessons, but most importantly – there was vision. That’s what makes this job different: we are mentored by the story tellers, we get to reference their past chapters and relate them to our own: to learn, grow, build, and even avoid a few shortcomings. For me it’s Julie, Duran, and Kim: my mentors who have struggled, overcome, and continued to build. It’s the evident value of sharing experiences, both good, bad, past, future, and present, that make this job so drastically different from a ‘normal’ job.”

Well said, Tashaun. Well said.

Tashaun has already experienced a lot of success with Atlantic Solutions, and he is not stopping anytime soon. “I hope to have built a foundation where I can give back opportunity and growth. Personally, I want to have a family, travel the world, and build a house – all of the things I promised my great grandmother. I still strive to make her proud… I don’t think that will ever change.”


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