Tashaun, Jalil and Milady Attended a Seminar in California — Here Is What They Learned (Part II)

We told you we’d be back with more! Let’s hear more what the Atlantic Solutions assistant managers learned about during their recent business seminar on the West Coast. If you missed the first part of the series you can read it here!

Time Management

Tashaun and JalilMost business leaders will tell you that the way the manage their time is a factor that makes or breaks their success. So, Tashaun, Jalil and Milady were understandably grateful that this subject matter was covered at the seminar in such depth.

The first step in time management, they learned, is to determine your “why.” In other words, who do you want to be, what do you want to accomplish, and what choices are you going to make in order to achieve your goals.

The next step in planning is writing down a list of roles and relationships and prioritizing the top three, or the “big rocks.” The group watched a wonderful video, based upon Stephen Covey’s teachings, that provided a visual illustration of what happens when you fail to prioritize your most important tasks. The important takeaway was this: when planning your week, first schedule what is vital. Then schedule what is important, and only add what would be ‘nice to do’ at the very end. If you do this in the wrong order, the vital tasks will either never get done, and/or you will find yourself stressed and overwhelmed!

JalilWork Hard, Play Hard: A Successful Event!

There were so many other highlights of our assistant managers’ California excursion that we would be remiss to leave them out!

There was the dance-off on Saturday… which Jalil won and picked up $100 cash. Tashaun remarked, “He’s a dancer so I wasn’t surprised. He was very confident going in. The odds were definitely in his favor.”

Then, of course, there was lots of fun on Venice Beach with the whole group!

Tashaun shared with us that he most enjoyed the opportunity to connect with the other professionals at the seminar. He enjoyed hearing about their struggles and strengths. His biggest takeaway was this:

“If you don’t like helping people you’ll never get ahead. Your most valuable skill is transferring knowledge. Helping others is your opportunity.”

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Tashaun, Jalil and Milady Attended a Seminar in California — Here Is What They Learned (Part I)

Jalil and TashaunOne of the greatest perks of moving up in the ranks at Atlantic Solutions is the opportunity to travel across the country to learn from others. We recently sent our three assistant managers, Tashaun, Jalil, and Milady, to California for a pretty spectacular seminar, a business boot camp intended to prepare them for their next steps.

The long weekend of training was extremely thorough and covered a variety of topics. We had a chance to hear all about it and have decided to spread the love. We hope you enjoy this 2-part series!

Crucial Conversations

One of the most interesting parts of the seminar was the subject of “crucial conversations,” which is a discussion had between individuals when opinions vary, the stakes are high, and emotions are running strong. The group talked about how to have a conversation that avoids a fight or flight response from the other person. They discussed the importance of having the right tone and asking open questions to prevent the other person from going on the defensive. Tashaun, reportedly, was particularly struck by the amazing examples that the speaker, a widely respected president of a large corporation, gave from her personal life. This segment of the seminar ended with the incredibly useful exercise of role-playing a variety of high-stakes conversations.

Leading by Example

image3Another impactful part of the event was the joint discussion of leadership by example and integrity. The group got to hear from an impressive self-made millionaire about some of the most important lessons he’s learned along the way. He described some of the work habits that were most influential in achieving success. He also talked about the importance of always treating people well and having a great attitude no matter what. He reflected on the practice of behaving in such a way that you would be proud for others to emulate — whether in your capacity as a business leader, spouse, parent, or friend.

Don’t worry, Atlantic Solutions has more tips to share from Tashaun, Jalil, and Milady’s business seminar! You can keep reading here.

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2 Unforgettable Lessons from Super Bowl 51

Atlantic Solutions (South Plainfield, NJ) shares their business takeaways from the Super Bowl.

cgdfumsxfemq8If you’re like us, you spent Sunday, February 5th with friends and family indulging in tailgate food in front of a big screen. The typical Super Bowl Sunday! And what a game. Regardless of the team you were cheering for, we can probably all agree that it was a doozie. Did you know that there were actually 24 records broken? In addition to the great commercials, show-stopping half time performance and an incredible finish to the game, there were also some lessons to be learned!

Mistakes aren’t fatal – In the first part of the game, the Patriots made numerous errors, which the Falcons quickly capitalized on. Their kicker even missed a much-needed extra point. We all know how the game ended, just to prove, yet again, mistakes aren’t the end of the road. You will make mistakes in business but at Atlantic Solutions we teach our employees to learn from them and bounce back even better than ever.

Success isn’t final – The Falcons came out to an early lead and up until the fourth quarter were up by 19 points! No team had ever come back from that large of a deficit to win the Super Bowl. But it happened. It’s just a reminder that no matter what, you have to keep pushing forward. When you feel like you are at your best, push harder because once you’re at the top, there’s only one way to fall.

More than 111 million people tuned into Super Bowl LI, do you think they all took away the same lessons as we did? Doubtful. Something that sets us apart here at Atlantic Solutions is that we teach an entrepreneurial mentality to our employees which will give them an edge up in their careers. Something that may seem as trivial as a football game can bring about tons of lessons in resilience, leadership, passion, preparation and more. Not everyone will pick up on them but you can count on the fact that our team will!

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Perfecting Your Conference Game — Tips from the Pros

Atlantic Solutions is no stranger to conferences and industry events. We simply love them and can’t get enough. We love to learn, we love to connect with other professionals, and we love to hang out with the many friends and colleagues we’ve made across the country.

We just got back from Texas from an amazing meeting and we’ve decided to share some of our latest and greatest tips for making the most out of your next business trip. Enjoy!…

Tip #1: Set a goal or two before the event begins. The keyword here is BEFORE! From the moment you hop off the plane and head to your hotel, you’re likely to be busy busy busy. And before you know it, you’re surrounded by people, grappling with your itinerary, and making sure your suit is pressed. So here’s a great airplane activity for you: take some time to write down what you’d like to get out of the conference. Here are some questions to get you going…

Are you on a mission to learn more about a certain subject?
Are you trying to find a new mentor?
Is there anyone in particular that you want to make sure you speak with?
Is there something that you’ve been struggling with that you might be able to ask for advice on?
Do you want to deepen relationships with any specific colleagues you’ll be seeing?

Tip #2: The second tip we’d like to share is about having courage. Not everyone is comfortable with approaching a stranger just to say hello and make an introduction. But we’re here to tell you that you can do it!!

One of the most valuable parts of attending an industry event is the opportunity to network with others. But, you’d be amazed by how many people chicken out from doing so! Make the decision ahead of time that you’re going to have the guts to approach someone you don’t know. Maybe it’s just the person sitting next to you or behind you. Maybe it’s the millionaire taking a quick coffee break before his next speech. You never know what will come from making a new connection, so be courageous and go for it!

Hopefully, these two tips will help prepare your mindset for the next event you attend. Stay tuned to hear more about the Atlantic Solutions management team’s Austin trip!

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Two Quotes We Love That Will Catapult Your Career

16300255_693175424176003_5333113245236163095_oAtlantic Solutions (South Plainfield, NJ) shares two of our favorite quotes that are packed with the wisdom necessary to succeed in any career.

Becoming successful in business is hard! If it were easy, everyone would be successful. Perhaps that’s why we love it so much. It brings out our most competitive spirits, pushing us to be our best. Thankfully, we’ve got great mentors and role models who are chock full of success tips. Let’s take a look at two quotes that anyone can learn a lot from…

“Take care of your character above all other things and your reputation will take care of itself.” –Lolly Daskal

At Atlantic Solutions, we believe that integrity is black and white. Having good character is about doing the right thing. It’s about being transparent and honest with people. It’s about acting ethically whether or not there will be consequences. It’s about behaving honorably even if know one will know that you did.

Many people worry about their reputations, but reputation is really just the surface-level representation of a person or company’s perceived character. Instead of worrying about what others think about you, worry about being a good person and always doing what’s right (especially when it’s the hardest). As Daskal wisely notes, in doing so, your reputation will take care of itself.

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.” – Benjamin Franklin

Mister Franklin was a key player in American history and an incredible trove of wisdom, and this quote is a great embodiment of that. In any worthwhile endeavor, the road to success is filled with one speed bump and road block after another. Many people fail to achieve their goals because they become demoralized when they realize how hard the journey is. The vibrant energy with which they started their undertaking starts to wane. Listless and discouraged, they stop pushing.

The secret to ‘conquering,’ however, is persistence. Everyone knows this in theory, but not many people realize what persistence really looks like. Often, it means doing the very last thing in the world that you feel like doing. It means pushing yourself harder than you even knew you could. It often means sacrifices, hard work, and long hours. It means pulling yourself together even when you’re sad, frustrated, or tired. Persistence means staying the course. Those who are energetically persistent are sure to see their efforts pay off.

Successful business professionals have achieved some level of mastery over both integrity and persistence. These are mentalities that we strive to impart (on a daily basis!) to everyone who works at Atlantic Solutions.

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3 Simple Things You Can Do Right Now to Have a Great 2017

Here in South Plainfield, NJ at Atlantic Solutions we are excited to start a new year! It’s natural re-start and everyone is excited, reenergized and goes into it with extremely high ambitions. Lots of people are making New Year’s resolutions, but let’s be honest… how many of them will actually follow through with them? Here are three things that are super easy and you can do right now that will help you have an even better year!

1. Unfollow negative people on social media. We all have those people that pop up on our news feeds that are constantly complaining. Be it the weather, politics, or personal issues… it gets old! There are always going to be unpleasant and challenging things in your own life, so why waste time reading about other peoples? In addition, try to avoid spending time with those types of people. Their negativity will inadvertently wear off on you and nobody’s got time for that.


2. Throw away the clutter! You’ve heard of spring cleaning… well, consider this New Year’s cleaning! Delete old contacts out of your phone, get rid of unused apps, clean out your friends list, go through your drawers and empty your closet. You’ll be surprised how much more relaxed, organized, and less stressed you will feel just by simplifying your environment.

3. Practice gratitude. Stop thinking of what you wish you had and start being grateful for what you do have. Now, we do not mean to stop being ambitious and strive for bigger and better, but you do need to appreciate what you have along the way. When you stop and think about, you are in a much better position than many other people around the world. Once this becomes a habit you will live a happier life.


Our company culture is one of personal development at Atlantic Solutions and these are just a few of the tips that we would give any of our employees on how to improve themselves. Hopefully, they will also give you a great head start to an amazing 2017!
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The President of Atlantic Solution, Self-Professed ‘Foodie’ Talks About Food!

The Atlantic Solutions organization is not shy about the fact that we love food. Really, we love it. We just love it. The person who loves it the most? Our esteemed leader, the president of our firm, DK.

We stole a few minutes from his busy schedule to ask him some very pressing questions about his passion for food. Enjoy…

On the thing we’d be most surprised to learn about him.

Before we realized that this interview would be all about food, we actually learned something truly hilarious about this entrepreneur. “I don’t like touching food with my hands,” he confessed. Say what? Don’t worry, we followed up to get the details on this. DK can’t tolerate the feeling of greasy fingers — so much so that he uses excessive amounts of napkins to prevent the travesty. The Atlantic Solutions team enjoys a good laugh on a weekly basis when their president wraps his chicken wings, pizza, burger, or sandwich in a napkin. “Every so often I’ll grab a french fry if I’m in a rush, but then I’ll quickly go wash my hands” he shared.

On the food he can’t stand.

Our original question was as to whether there was a food that he couldn’t be paid to eat; but, we quickly found out that DK is a major foodie, and there was really no such thing. We did discover, however, that the ‘corner’ Chinese restaurant would be his least desired form of cuisine. He told us, “If I eat at a Chinese restaurant it needs to be authentic!” He continued, “I love food from all different cultures. I’m in Rhode Island visiting our branch office right now and I always look forward to the chicken at the local Jamaican restaurant here.”

We also learned that DK lives for sushi. In fact, it’s a Friday night tradition in his household. His favorite is the salmon avocado roll. #getinmybelly

On the weirdest thing he’s ever eaten.

Upon discovering that few things would perturb the palate of this food lover, we had to ask this question. Fair warning, if you’re a vegetarian, you might want to skip this question! DK shared, “Iguana is a delicacy in Honduras, where I grew up.” “I’ve also eaten ocean turtles… so tasty,” he added. He’s reportedly yet to find these delicacies in South Plainfield, NJ, but he’s discovered them in Miami and New Orleans. We ended this mouth-watering conversation by hearing about an interesting appetizer that DK has yet to forget: rattle snake served in tartar sauce, which he tried at a restaurant in Arizona. “It’s like popcorn chicken, I lovvvvveedddd it,” he raved! #nomnom

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Fatherhood from the Perspective of an Entrepreneur

The president of Atlantic Solutions (South Plainfield, NJ) talks about raising his daughter with entrepreneurial values and a hunger for success.

14369857_10154928709823912_6231980969042742247_nMany fathers are like superheroes to their children, but this father is something even cooler: he’s the boss! Nine-year-old Jade loves the idea that her father is a business owner. When she visits him at the Atlantic Solutions office, she sits right in his chair and pretends to be in charge, just like her daddy.

We asked DK how being an entrepreneur has influenced his parenting, and he shared the following interesting insight: “I always want her to associate success with hard work.” He expressed that it’s important to him that she grow up with the understanding that “nothing is given to you, you have to earn it.”

So, on a regular basis, he teaches her that very lesson. Jade earns good grades in school and was recently chosen as Student of the Month at her school, a shining moment for DK and his wife, Shana. These all-star parents reward Jade by doing the thing she loves most: going shopping at Toys ‘R Us with her parents in tow! Most definitely a boss in the making, this little lady prefers to lead Mom and Dad through the mall where she wants to go, where she’s able to select a toy of her own choosing.

“My job is to push her not to be average and to work harder than anyone else,” DK expressed. But as we say at Atlantic Solutions, when you work hard it earns you the right to play hard! So play hard they do. The father and daughter enjoy playing the Lego Marvel Super Heroes game on the family’s Playstation.

Jade reportedly also loves Minecraft, and she’s in luck because we heard a rumor that Santa might be delivering the game for Christmas! It seems that DK’s proclivity for teaching others has rubbed off on her because we hear that Jade can’t wait to start making YouTube videos teaching other kids how to play the game too. We sense an entrepreneur in the making.

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A Wine Country Weekend for Atlantic Solutions President

Atlantic Solutions, located in South Plainfield, New Jersey, has been staying true to their commitment to delivering results for clients and other people are taking notice! Recently, our President was chosen, amongst other entrepreneurs, to attend a VIP style getaway to San Francisco, California. Since the entire team could not attend, he promised to share all the details of his experience; from the business takeaways down to the amusing details.

atlantic-solutions-sanfran7The excitement of DK’s trip started with his travel arrangements for the cross-country adventure. He flew on his favorite airline, Virgin Airline. If you’ve never flown on it before, it’s extremely hip. It’s lit with these really cool purple lights throughout and free live TV is even available to all passengers! DK spent most of his flight brushing up on one of his favorite business books, How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Once he landed, the Atlantic Solutions President made his way to Santa Rosa where he and a few other select entrepreneurs would be staying… in a 10 bedroom mansion. No big deal. It was on the top of a hill overlooking the mountainside right in the middle of wine country. In addition to an amazing view and prime location, they also had a huge pool and an impressive sauna and Jacuzzi. The first night there (Thursday), a local vineyard owner came to the mansion to provide a private wine tasting…because when in Rome. In addition to providing some amazing wine, he also casually reminded everyone of the man-eating predators in the area…mountain lions. Thanks…we think…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On Friday, these high performing entrepreneurs had a chance to brainstorm and discuss business with an elite business mentor. He also gave them tons of coaching in all aspects of business management that would help them take their companies to the next level. Following their brainstorming and discussions, the group grilled out at the mansion at enjoyed the wine that they had purchased from their wine tasting.

“I always wanted to be an entrepreneur because of the freedom and the ability to make choices — like to leave your company and go wine tasting on the opposite coast with some fellow hardworking entrepreneurs.” -DK

No trip to wine country would be complete without a vineyaatlantic-solutions-sanfran1rd tour and wine sampling so that is exactly what happened during the day on Saturday. That night the group adventured to downtown San Francisco to a local hot spot called Catch, a very high-end and well-known seafood restaurant in the area. Atlantic Solutions’ President grew up on an island, so he is quite the seafood critic being that it is his all-time favorite type of food. Even he was impressed with dinner!

Overall, DK was reminded of what it is that drives him as an entrepreneur.

“When you can do cool things, that’s fun. But when you can do cool things with people that you love, there’s nothing better than that. It’s invaluable. I want to continue to create memories with the people I’ve built relationships with and see them become successful.”


He also told us that it was great to reflect on the things that he had accomplished so far and what he was ready to achieve next.

Although it was an amazing trip, DK was most excited to get back to us here at Atlantic Solutions to get to work helping the team reach a level of success to be able to experience the type of weekend that he just had.

He’s Taking Over! Meet Tim!

Tim-Atlantic-Solutions-AtlanticSolutnsAt Atlantic Solutions we make it a point to give credit where credit is deserved; and lately, Tim Gilbert has everyone’s attention! With the growth opportunities that we offer to people who are motivated to advance their professional careers, this stud is headed on the fast track to management. As our company is in a rapid growth phase, it’s vital to have individuals like Tim continually pushing themselves and others around them to improve.

We had a chance to pick the brain of our president to find out what makes Tim such a valuable asset to the Atlantic Solutions team. Here were his points:

“Tim sets an excellent example to all other employees.” In reference to the campaign management training that we provide, Tim demonstrates what a “job well done” looks like for others to be able to replicate. It’s imperative for new employees to have that to strive for.

“He maximizes his opportunity more than anyone I have ever seen.” Every entry level representative that joins the Atlantic Solutions team has an opportunity to advance within the company based on their own merit. Tim never lets a chance pass him by to learn more, do more and, ultimately, be more!

“He always has a great attitude.” We passionately believe that your attitude will determine the amount of success that you will have, and Tim is proof of that!

Tim believes that part of success with Atlantic Solutions is due to his ability to transfer knowledge. Specifically in regards to the explanation of products and services to his customers. By properly finding a solution that will meet customer’s needs, he is able to reach and exceed our client’s expectations. But where does his personal drive to succeed come from? “My grandfather was an entrepreneur and a salesman, I look up to him in a lot of ways. I want to prove to him that I can run my own business. Also, I want to make enough money to be able to support a family and be financially independent,” explained Tim.

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